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TT 2010 Results

4th May 2010 - Practice 1
Ed WaltersY24.32
John PopeY25.36
Tom SwiftY26.35
Adam HarriesY28.07
Hayden SmedleyY29.34
Andy GriggY29.52
Lizzie HillY30.41
Ben SmithY32.01
Sarah GoodwinY32.26
Nick PapeY33.02
Colin MeeY34.1
Andy BrookeY34.51
Mark BeightonYDNF
11th May 2010 - Practice 2
Darren RidoutY28.14
Andy GriggY28.43
Graham SmithY29.59
Naomi WarrY30.1
Lizzie HillY30.22
Hayden SmedleyY30.28
Dave AcklamY32
Sarah GoodwinY32.38
Frans FrisonN32.58
Nick PapeY33.13
Colin MeeY34
Wayne BrooksY34.31
Darren SteeleN38.43
18th May 2010 - Practice 3
Ed WaltersY23.53
Paul SpeedN24.54
Chris NicollY25.21
Thomas PeoplesY25.58
Andy ThorntonY26.45
Tom SwiftY26.59
Steve EmertonY27.04
Niall TempleN27.25
Graham SmithY27.38
Hayden SmedleyY27.47
Naomi WarrY28.56
Paul StaleyY28.58
Andy GriggY29.24
Lizzie HillY29.24
Adrian HowlettY29.3
Simon OldacreY29.57
Andy BrookeY30.52
Ben SmithY31.04
Chris KeeganY31.34
Sarah GoodwinY31.42
Colin MeeY31.54
Nick PapeY31.54
Dave AcklamY32.14
Perie CordnerY32.42
Rachel SmithY32.49
Wayne BrooksY32.53
25th May 2010 -ÿLeague 1
Paul SpeedN24.56
Paul NewtonY26.51
Tom SwiftY27.07
Stuart CordnerY27.18
Hayden SmedleyY27.33
Adam HarriesY27.58
Niall TempleN28.26
Mick SkivingtonY28.42
Graham SmithY28.53
Andy GriggY29.02
Darren RidoutY29.11
Naomi WarrY29.17
Richard HaleY29.36
Adrian HowlettY29.53
Lizzie HillY30.04
Darren SteeleN30.19
Robert OsborneY31.03
Simon OldacreY31.04
Andy BrookeY31.23
Zoe SewterY31.37
Frans FrisonN32.06
Sarah GoodwinY32.19
Nick PapeY32.33
Perie CordnerY33.25
Wayne BrooksY33.26
Ben SmithY33.26
Colin MeeY33.49
Katie VincentY36.46
1stÿJune 2010 -ÿLeague 2
Matt GriffithsN24.24
John PopeY25.22
Anthony RobertsY25.28
Paul SpeedN26.01
Thomas PeoplesY26.03
Hayden SmedleyY27.23
Graham SmithY27.51
Jackie BullY28.07
Niall TempleN28.43
Adrian HowlettY29.11
Liz HillY29.31
Robert OsborneY30.2
Zoe SewterY31
Sarah GoodwinY31.42
Nick PapeY32.33
8thÿJune 2010 -ÿLeague 3
Ed WaltersY24.2
Paul SpeedN24.44
Anthony RobertsY25.19
Tom SwiftY25.53
John PopeY26.09
Paul NewtonY26.36
Hayden SmedleyY27.09
Nigel ElsonN27.33
Graham SmithY27.34
Adrian HowlettY28.08
Niall TempleN28.16
Andy GriggY28.3
Liz HillY29.25
Robert OsborneY29.39
Zoe SewterY31.15
Frans FrisonN31.44
Colin MeeY32.1
Rachel SmithY32.17
Nick PapeY32.19
Naomi WarrYDNF
15th June 2010 - League 4
Jim CresswellY24.35
Ant RobertsY25.41
Paul NewtonY25.44
Richard HaleY26.49
Adam HarriesY26.58
Graham SmithY26.59
Nigel ElsomN27.17
Hayden SmedleyY27.49
Adrian HowlettY28.04
Thomas PeoplesY28.18
Naomi WarrY28.2
Jackie BullY28.26
Dave EyreN28.5
Mick SkivingtonY28.5
Paul StaleyY28.51
Andy GriggY28.51
Robert OsborneY29.16
Liz HillY29.18
Gary BusbyN29.25
Sam MasonN29.42
Simon OldacreY29.53
Zoe SewterY30.43
Sarah GoodwinY30.49
Frans FrisonN31
Dave AcklamY31.41
Nick PapeY31.49
Colin MeeY31.58
Pete LongN33.02
22ndÿJune 2010 - League 5
Matt GriffithsY23.18
Ed WaltersY23.57
Jim CresswellY24.33
Paul NewtonY25.17
Alan LeatherN25.31
Adam HarriesY26.25
Hayden SmedleyY26.42
Graham SmithY27.1
Adrian HowlettY27.19
Simon OldacreY27.51
Niall TempleN28.13
Robert OsbourneY29.17
Ade DaviesY29.2
Frans FrisonN29.45
Liz HillY29.56
Chris KeeganY30.03
Zoe SewterY30.12
Rachel SmithY31.38
Pete LongN31.56
Wayne BrooksY32.3
29th June 2010 - League 6
Matt GriffithsY23.21
Ed WaltersY24.15
Paul NewtonY24.56
Anthony RobertsY25.58
Paul SpeedN26.04
Adam HarriesY26.08
Graham SmithY26.37
Hayden SmedleyY27.02
Adrian HowlettY27.16
Thomas PeoplesY27.27
Nial TempleN28.11
Frans FrisonY30.02
Sarah GoodwinY31.01
Wayne BrooksY32.16
6th July 2010 - League 7
Graham SmithY26.51
Hayden SmedleyY26.57
Adrian HowlettY27.4
Gary BusbyN27.48
Liz HillY28.01
Naomi WarrY28.28
Rob OsborneY29.37
Frans FrisonN29.5
Sarah GoodwinY30.33
Dave AcklamY30.54
Nick PapeY31.51
Rachel SmithY32.04
Wayne BrooksY32.24
Lynne NesbittN34.17
13th July 2010 - League 8
Adam HarriesY27
Hayden SmedleyY28.03
Niall TempleN28.42
Liz HillY28.46
Andy DodsleyN29.34
Robert OsborneY30.13
Sarah GoodwinY31
Nick PapeY32

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About DTC

Derby Triathlon Club (DTC) was formed in 1985, our aim is to provide a fun and friendly environment for you to pursue your multisport ambition. Our focus is on developing your three disciplines, regardless of age, level of fitness or current ability.

DTC now has a membership of around 200, comprised of both senior and junior triathletes.

We provide coaching in all four of triathlons disciplines (including transition).  We hold both regular sessions (i.e. weekly) and other sessions on a more ad-hoc basis.  We use several venues in and around the city of Derby for our training sessions.

Please click here to see a full breakdown of all club related sessions