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GB Representation

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The table below contains those members of the club who have represented GB as an age grouper at world or European championships.  The data contains details of the race distance, time achieved, position in race (overall and within team GB), the year and location of the race.

Chris NicollWorld Sprint Duathlon202150-54Gold
Chris NicollWorld Standard Duathlon202150-54Silver
Liz BurgessWorld Long Duathlon202150-54Silver
Chris ProudWorld Standard Duathlon202175-79Silver
Sarah WattsWorld Standard Duathlon202130-344
Chris ProudWorld Standard Duathlon202175-792
Chris ProudWorld Sprint Duathlon202175-796
Owen Barron (IRE)World Sprint Duathlon202155-599
Owen Barron (IRE)World Standard Duathlon202155-598
Owen Barron (IRE)European Sprint Triathlon202155-5919
Owen Barron (IRE)European Standard Triathlon202155-5918
Chris NicollEuropean Sprint Duathlon202050-54Silver
Chris NicollEuropean Standard Duathlon202050-54Silver
Liz BurgessEuropean Standard Duathlon202045-49Bronze
Owen Barron (IRE)European Sprint Duathlon202055-5910
Owen Barron (IRE)European Standard Duathlon202055-5910
Chris NicollWorld Standard Duathlon201950-54Bronze
Liz BurgessEuropean Middle Aquabike201945-49Silver
Izy Van HeeswijkWorld Standard Duathlon201930-346
Liz BurgessWorld Aquabike201945-494
Chris NicollWorld Aquabike201950-545
Chris NicollEuropean Standard Duathlon201845-49Bronze
Chris NicollWorld Sprint Duathlon201845-494
Izy Van HeeswijkWorld Standard Duathlon201830-348
Chris ProudWorld Sprint Duathlon201870-747
Chris ProudEuropean Sprint Triathlon201870-749
Jenny RomeoEuropean Sprint Duathlon201835-3910
Liz BurgessWorld Standard Duathlon201845-4910
Chris NicollEuropean Sprint Triathlon201845-499
Chris ReddingWorld Sprint Triathlon201750-5453
Liz BurgessWorld Standard Duathlon201745-496
Rob CogingsEuropean Aquathlon201745-4911
Chris ProudETU Sprint Triathlon201770-745
Chris ProudETU Cross Duathlon201770-742
Chris ProudETU Cross Triathlon201770-744
Chris ProudITU Sprint Triathlon201770-7415
Chris NicollWorld Standard Duathlon201645-49Silver
Chris NicollEuropean Middle Duathlon201645-49Bronze
Chris ReddingWorld Standard Duathlon201650-5425
Hayden SmedleyWorld Sprint Duathlon201630-3425
Liz BurgessWorld Standard Duathlon201645-497
Jess KennedyWorld Sprint Duathlon201625-295
Rob CogingsEuropean Sprint Triathlon201645-4920
Rob CogingsEuropean Aquathlon201645-4914
Chris ProudETU Duathlon201670-745
Chris ProudITU Duathlon201670-744
Chris NicollWorld Standard Duathlon201545-49Silver
Chris ReddingWorld Standard Duathlon201550-5430
Hayden SmedleyWorld Duathlon Sprint201530-349
Liz BurgessWorld Standard Duathlon201540-4412
Liz BurgessEuropean Standard Duathlon201540-445
Rob CogingsEuropean Aquathlon201540-446
Simon LloydEuropean Standard Triathlon201540-4423
Liz BurgessEuropean Standard Duathlon201440-44Silver
Chris NicollEnglish National Standard Duathlon201445-49Silver
Darren RidoutEuropean Sprint Duathlon201435-3917
Rob CogingsWorld Cross Triathlon201440-4429
Chris NicollWorld Standard Duathlon201340-44Bronze
Chris NicollWorld Sprint Triathlon201340-4415
Ian HughesWorld Standard Triathlon201355-5917
Tom PeoplesWorld Sprint Triathlon201330-3475
Hilary JohnsonWorld Standard Triathlon201355-5948
Hilary JohnsonWorld Aquathlon201355-5911
Chris NicollWorld Standard Duathlon201240-447
Ian HughesWorld Sprint Triathlon201250-5416
Ian HughesWorld Aquathlon201250-547
Brian WelshEuropean Long Triathlon201255-5934
Terry BrooksWorld Standard Triathlon201260-6444
Terry BrooksWorld Aquathlon201260-6417
Terry BrooksEuropean Standard Triathlon201260-645
Chris NicollWorld Standard Duathlon201140-4411
Ian HughesEuropean Sprint Triathlon201150-5410
Simon OldacreEuropean Standard Duathlon201140-4429
Darren RidoutEuropean Sprint Duathlon201135-3911
Naomi WarrWorld Standard Triathlon201030-3432
Ian HughesWorld Sprint Triathlon201050-548
Terry BrooksWorld Standard Triathlon201060-6430
Ian HughesEuropean Sprint Triathlon201050-545
Terry BrooksWorld Aquathlon201060-644
Terry BrooksEuropean Standard Triathlon201060-649
Ian HughesWorld Standard Triathlon200950-5480
Ian HughesWorld Aquathlon200950-544
Terry BrooksWorld Standard Triathlon200960-6443
Terry BrooksWorld Aquathlon200960-6416
Terry BrooksEuropean Standard Triathlon200960-649
Chris NicollWorld Standard Duathlon200835-3920
Ian HughesWorld Standard Triathlon200850-5449
Terry BrooksWorld Standard Triathlon200860-6438
Judith HughesWorld Long Duathlon200840-4421
Ian HughesWorld Sprint Triathlon200745-4910
Brian WelshWorld Sprint Triathlon200750-5437
Terry BrooksWorld Standard Triathlon200755-5962
Terry BrooksWorld Standard Triathlon200655-5951
Judith HughesWorld Standard Triathlon200640-4431
Terry BrooksWorld Standard Triathlon200555-5941
Terry BrooksWorld Aquathlon200555-598
Hilary JohnsonWorld Standard Triathlon200445-4929
Terry BrooksWorld Standard Triathlon200455-5940
Chris ProudITU Duathlon200455-5916
Chris ProudETU Duathlon200455-5910
Terry BrooksWorld Standard Triathlon200355-5940
Chris ProudETU Duathlon200255-599
Chris ProudITU Duathlon200155-5913
Brian WelshWorld Long Triathlon200040-4495
Brian WelshEuropean Long Triathlon199940-4421
Chris ProudITU Duathlon199850-5429
Chris ProudETU Duathlon199750-547
Chris ProudITU Duathlon199750-5414
Chris ProudETU Duathlon199640-4910
Chris ProudITU Duathlon199640-4918

Anyone who has represented GB at duathlon, triathlon or aquathlon should send their race results to for inclusion in this table.

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About DTC

Derby Triathlon Club (DTC) was formed in 1985, our aim is to provide a fun and friendly environment for you to pursue your multisport ambition. Our focus is on developing your three disciplines, regardless of age, level of fitness or current ability.

DTC now has a membership of around 200, comprised of both senior and junior triathletes.

We provide coaching in all four of triathlons disciplines (including transition).  We hold both regular sessions (i.e. weekly) and other sessions on a more ad-hoc basis.  We use several venues in and around the city of Derby for our training sessions.

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