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Frequently Asked Questions

Hi & welcome to Derby Triathlon Club’s Frequently asked questions page.  Here you will find answers to many questions we get about the club and triathlons.  There are also questions answered about related multi-sport events, e.g. Duathlon, Aquabike & Aquathlon.

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What is triathlon?

Triathlon is a multi-sport race, where competitors swim, then cycle and finally run, before they finish the race. There are several distances over which triathlons are run, there is a question about these below.
Triathlon is open to all who will turn 8, or older, in the current calendar year. Competitors are grouped in “age groups” as a sub-division, please see the question about this below.

What distance is a triathlon?

Adult Triathlons vary in length from Super Sprint to Iron, or Long, distance events. Juniors have their own distances and these vary by age group.

Race distances to be added soon.

Do I need any specialised equipment?

A swim suit and T-shirt is the minimum clothing that you will need, as well as shoes for the bike & run sections. These don’t need to be “top of the range”, as long as you are comfortable swimming, cycling & running in them, that is all you need.

You may add clothing on top of your swimsuit, BUT you MUST NOT get nude.

Do I need a special bicycle?

Absolutely NOT! Any roadworthy bike can be used for the cycle part of a triathlon. So dust off that bike you’ve not ridden for years, check the mechanicals (chain, breaks, gears etc.) and give it a go.

Can anyone join Derby Triathlon Club (DTC?)

Yes, as long as they will be at least 8 year’s old in the year that they join. A parent must register with ClubSpark (see question above) before joining their child or children up to DTC.

Membership last 1 year from the date joined. See our constitution page for the different membership types available.

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About DTC

Derby Triathlon Club (DTC) was formed in 1985, our aim is to provide a fun and friendly environment for you to pursue your multisport ambition. Our focus is on developing your three disciplines, regardless of age, level of fitness or current ability.

DTC now has a membership of around 200, comprised of both senior and junior triathletes.

We provide coaching in all four of triathlons disciplines (including transition).  We hold both regular sessions (i.e. weekly) and other sessions on a more ad-hoc basis.  We use several venues in and around the city of Derby for our training sessions.

Please click here to see a full breakdown of all club related sessions