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Time Trial

Time Trial
Starting off at minute intervals your goal is to complete the 10 mile course as quickly as possible.
You can turn up and compete in the odd Time Trial but if you compete in sufficient events and score highly enough then you could be crowned either men or ladies DTC Time Trial Champion.

The cost of each event will be £TBA.
These training sessions are unfortunately not open to non-club members.

Help is required to run this event. If you can help out with the timekeeping please contact let the Time trial coordinators or a member of the committee know – full training will be given!

These are training events, you are entirely responsible for your own safety while riding.
A hard shell helmet that meets international accepted standards and road-worthy bicycle are required. Bright clothing is recommended and appropriate lighting as conditions dictate.
You must complete a disclaimer form before taking part.
Can all Club members please ensure they complete the online disclaimer – click here.

Printable version here

No disclaimer no ride.

This is a training event and the routes are not marked either with directions or ‘Caution Cyclist’ signs therefore you must be careful and learn the routes.
Click here for a map of the course.

Time Trial League
There will be a men’s and women’s league. Points will be awarded: 10 for first, 8 for second 6 for third and then 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 for 8th. Your best 4 results from all the events will count to your final score. At the end of the 10 events the league winner will be the person with the highest score. If there should be two or more people with the same score then the champion will be determined by who won most head to head encounters.

These can be found by clicking here or visiting the Webscorer website.

Registration takes place before each session, where you will begiven your number, worn on the back of your jersey.
You then make your way to the start with the first rider starting promptly at 18:50. Please queue in single file and ensure that you do not block any driveway. There are no toilets at the start line.
You will be set off at predetermined intervals, ride the course at all times complying with the highway code and as you cross the finish line please shout your number to assist the timekeepers.
If you have a GPS device and upload your data to Strava or Strava on your smart phone then there is a DTC TT segment which is a great backup for the timekeepers. Link below is to the segment and also shows the course:

A downloadable Strava Route will be available.

Once you have completed your ride please make your way back to teh start and return your number and wait here for your results. No dangerous ‘u’ turns in the road or congregating at the finish time keeper please. It is very off putting for riders to hang around the time keeper whilst there are other riders still coming in – failure to comply may mean a 30 second penalty!

All Club Members must signup to participate in the Time Trial. To do this log into your account and use the Events Page and then the ClubSpark link.  YOU will need to navigate to the time trial(s) you want to enter on ClubSpark.

For any questions on anything related to Time Trials please contact our Time Trial Coordinator – timetrial@

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About DTC

Derby Triathlon Club (DTC) was formed in 1985, our aim is to provide a fun and friendly environment for you to pursue your multisport ambition. Our focus is on developing your three disciplines, regardless of age, level of fitness or current ability.

DTC now has a membership of around 200, comprised of both senior and junior triathletes.

We provide coaching in all four of triathlons disciplines (including transition).  We hold both regular sessions (i.e. weekly) and other sessions on a more ad-hoc basis.  We use several venues in and around the city of Derby for our training sessions.

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