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Club Awards

Let’s bow to the following stars from past and present, incorporating a brief explanation on the award categories.
Lifetime Membership
Awarded to the following members for long term contribution and commitment to the Club.

 Jim Cresswell Ash Turner Mick Skivington
 Stuart Hufton Hilary Johnson Brian Swindell
 Mark Skelton
 Ian Hughes Judith Hughes
Rachel Smith
 Dean Jackson Andy Thornton Sarah Goodwin

Paul Enion Award

Awarded for outstanding triathlon achievement during the course of a season.

Year Winner
2020Not Awarded
2019Jenny Romeo
2018 Chris Nicoll
2017 Chris Nicoll
 2016 Graham Smith
 2015 Gavin Flecther
 2014 Liz Burgess
 2013 Naomi Warr & Chris Nicol
 2012Not Awarded
 2011 Chris Nicoll
 2010 Naomi Warr
 2009 Ian Hughes

Martin Brookes Award

Awarded to an individual who has entered into all aspects of Club life with good sportsmanship and spirit.

2019Dana Licakova & Marcus Pass
2018Julie Morris
2017Ash Turner
2016Clive Holland
2015Paul & Nicole Stewart
2014Paul Bratby
2013Paul Wilson
2012Simon Rolfs
2011Gavin Fletcher
2010Andy Grigg
2009Andy Thornton

Club Personality

Representing the ‘soul’ of DTC.

2020Chris Redding
2019Dana Licakova
2018Symone Day
2017Chris Keegan
2016Lindsey Appleby
2015Kathy Carmichael & Paul Bratby
2014Lindsey Appleby
2013Steve Tatem
2012Mark Gardner
2011Andy Grigg
2010Andy Thornton

Most Improved (Male / Female)

It’s all in the title really!

YearWinner (s)
2019Jake Fisher
2018Jenny Romeo
2017John Shum
2016Sarah Bransby
2015Ruth Woodbridge
2014Hayden Smedley
2013Colin Warden / Elisa Zamora
2012Rob Cogings
2011Andy Thornton / Mel Bridgen
2010Stuart Cordner / Sarah Goodwin

Best Newcomer

Awarded to an individual that has struck a number of positive chords within the membership.

2019Michael O'Donnell
2018Richard Green
2017Jenny Romeo
2016Tracey Stinchcombe
2015Ian Couch
2014Mark Ryder
2013Zoe & James Brady
2012Lorna Magowan
2011Julie Coulbert
2010Simon Rolfs

Golden Chainset

The Golden Chainset is a traditional DTC Awarded, which recognises those of us who manage to do something stupid in the pursuit of triathlon excellence.


2020Neil Millican
2019Darren O'Reilly
2018Hayden Smedley
2017Nick Morris
2016Simon Rolfs
2015Clive Holland
2014Marie Hudson
2013Lindsey Appleby
2012Colin Mee
2011Andy Thornton
2010Simon Oldacre

Club Champion (Male / Female / Vet Male / Vet Female / Masters Male / Masters female)

YearMale WinnerFemale WinnerVeteran Male (40+) WinnerVeteran Female (40+) WinnerMasters Male (50+) WinnerMasters Female (50+) Winner
2019Jake FisherSarah BransbyRob EdwardsLiz BurgessChris NicollAnne Kennedy
2018Richard KirkhamSarah BransbyChris NicollLiz BurgessChris ReddingLindsey Appleby
2017Ian CouchSarah BransbyDarren RobinsonLiz BurgessPaul WebsterRosie O'Doherty
2016Ian CouchKate GeorgeChris NicollLiz BurgessChris ReddingTrish McPherson
2015Simon LloydKate GeorgeChris ReddingLiz BurgessNot awarded before 2016Not awarded before 2016
2014Sam Martin Kate GeorgeSteve EmertonLiz Burgess
2013Matt DewisNaomi WarrChris NicollLiz Burgess
2012Simon LloydNaomi WarrDarren RobinsonLorna Magowan
2011Thomas PeoplesNaomi WarrSimon OldacreJulie Coulbert
2010Thomas PeoplesNaomi WarrAndy GriggNot awarded
2009Naomi Warr
2008C Sutton

Club Handicap

The handicap for the race is based on performance through the summer series.

2019Sarah Millican
2018Ian Couch
2017Charlotte Kirby
2016Dana Licakova
2015Amine Hammami
2014Mark Ryder
2013James Cooksey
2012Niki Warren
2011Mark Gardner
2010Jason Wood

Summer series

YearMale WinnerFemale Winner
2019Jake FisherSarah Bransby & Mary Winter
2018Hayden SmedleySarah Bransby
2017Ian CouchSarah Bransby
2016Ian CouchKate George
2015Hayden SmedleySarah Goodwin
2014Simon LloydKate George
2013Nigel ElsonJasmine Smith
2012Chris NicollSarah Goodwin
2011Thomas PeoplesNaomi Warr
2010Thomas PeoplesNaomi Warr

Time Trial

YearMale WinnerFemale WinnerOver 28 Minutes Winner
2019Hayden SmedleyLiz Burgess
2018Hayden SmedleyLiz Burgess
2017Hayden SmedleyJessica Kennedy
2016Hayden SmedleyLiz Burgess
2015Hayden SmedleyLiz BurgessNot Awarded from 2015
2014Hayden SmedleyNaomi WarrMike Warrener
2013Paul NewtonLiz BurgessMick Skivington
2012Paul NewtonLiz BurgessMartin Turner
2011Matt GriffithsNaomi WarrMark Dodes
2010Matt GriffithsLizzie HillRob Osboune

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About DTC

Derby Triathlon Club (DTC) was formed in 1985, our aim is to provide a fun and friendly environment for you to pursue your multisport ambition. Our focus is on developing your three disciplines, regardless of age, level of fitness or current ability.

DTC now has a membership of around 200, comprised of both senior and junior triathletes.

We provide coaching in all four of triathlons disciplines (including transition).  We hold both regular sessions (i.e. weekly) and other sessions on a more ad-hoc basis.  We use several venues in and around the city of Derby for our training sessions.

Please click here to see a full breakdown of all club related sessions