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2012 Time Trial Race Results

Practice 1
Christian AucoteMN00:53
Ed WaltersMY01:12
Thomas SwiftMY01:41
Paul NewtonMY01:47
Paul MartinMY03:16
Matthew HallMY03:18
Adam HarrisMY03:28
Rob OsborneMY03:30
Graham SmithMY03:50
Paul AllsopMY03:58
Steve RandleMY04:02
David JonesMY04:47
Chris ReddingMY04:56
Colin WardenMY04:58
Mark DodesMY05:43
Benjamin SmithMY06:23
James CookseyMY07:00
Colin MeeMY07:36
John EwinsMY08:22
Katie SmithFY09:33
Elizabeth BurgessFY10:19
Maedhbh Ni ChlieirighFY13:35
Practice 2
Adam HarriesMY03:48
Graham SmithMY04:20
Paul MartinMY04:24
Chris ReddingMY04:50
Gavin FletcherMY05:17
David JonesMY05:19
Adrian HowlettMY05:40
Wayne BrooksMY08:27
Colin MeeMY08:52
Rachel SmithFY10:33
Lindsey ApplebyFY15:21
Practice 3
Thomas SwiftMY01:15
Paul MartinMY02:26
Graham SmithMY02:33
Gavin FletcherMY03:30
Stuart GoldMY04:17
Adrian HowlettMY04:33
Clare ClewerFY05:45
Grace NealFY06:18
Wayne BrooksMY06:18
Chris KeeganMY06:50
Rachel SmithFY07:46
James CookseyMY08:30
Elizabeth BurgessFY09:34
Lindsey ApplebyFY12:56
niki warrenFY14:00
League 1
Anthony HarperMN23:19
Paul NewtonMY00:22
Thomas SwiftMY00:35
Jim CresswellMY01:06
Nigel ElsonMY01:34
Thomas PeoplesMY02:06
Robert OsborneMY02:11
Paul MartinMY02:44
Adam HarriesMY02:44
Richard KirkhamMY02:47
Anthony FrancisMN02:56
Chris ReddingMY03:11
Gavin FletcherMY03:43
Colin WardenMY04:26
Martin TurnerMY04:36
Adrian HowlettMY04:44
Rich PigottMY05:06
Wayne ClarkeMY05:23
Grace NealFY05:55
Chris KeeganMY06:07
Sarah GoodwinFY06:07
James CookseyMY06:38
Phil LeeMY07:12
Lindsey ApplebyFY11:17
League 2
John PopeMY02:47
Paul MartinMY02:52
Robert OsborneMY03:28
Gavin FletcherMY03:54
Martin TurnerMY05:10
Sarah GoodwinFY07:59
League 3
Paul NewtonMY01:00
Adam HarriesMY01:58
Paul MartinMY02:36
Richard KirkhamMY03:22
Graham SmithMY03:31
Colin WardenMY04:27
David JonesMY04:28
Tom MatthewsMN04:48
Martin TurnerMY04:50
Chris KeeganMY06:51
James CookseyMY06:56
Elizabeth BurgessFY09:53
Lindsey ApplebyFY10:53
League 4
Ed WaltersMY00:01
Paul NewtonMY00:12
Jim CresswellMY00:42
Nigel ElsonMY02:08
Paul MartinMY02:32
Graham SmithMY02:51
Robert OsborneMY02:57
Stuart GoldMY03:08
Jackie GriffithsFY03:38
Thomas MatthewsMY03:46
Adrian HowlettMY04:14
Wayne ClarkeMY04:58
Zoe SewterFY06:15
Phil LeeMY06:32
Elizabeth BurgessFY10:04
Emma BlountFY11:04
niki warrenFY13:28
League 5
Paul NewtonMY23:56
Jim CresswellMY00:05
Thomas SwiftMY01:06
Nigel ElsonMY01:56
Graham SmithMY02:03
Paul MartinMY02:18
Roger SpencerMY02:30
Adam HarriesMY02:51
Martin TurnerMY03:52
Wayne BrooksMY04:51
Phil LeeMY05:35
Chris KeeganMY07:09
Rachel SmithFY07:38
Elizabeth BurgessFY09:52
Maedhbh Ni ChlieirighFY10:34
Emma BlountFY11:34
Lindsey ApplebyFY11:50
niki warrenFY12:44
League 6
Paul NewtonMY01:11
Thomas MatthewsMY02:44
Graham SmithMy03:28
Robert OsborneMY03:30
Paul MartinMY03:42
Chris KeeganMY06:44
Rachel SmithFY07:56
Elizabeth BurgessFY09:35
Emma BlountFY09:35
League 7
Ed WaltersMY00:09
Jim CresswellMY00:35
Robert OsborneMY02:26
Thomas MatthewsMY02:35
Paul MartinMY02:52
Graham SmithMY03:00
Adam HarrisMy03:54
Phil LeeMY05:45
Wayne BrooksMY06:09
Benjamin SmithMY06:18
Chris KeeganMY06:44
John EwinsMY06:58
Elizabeth BurgessFY08:04
Maedhbh Ni ChlieirighFY10:14
Lindsey ApplebyFY11:16
Niki WarrenFY12:12
League 8
Jim CresswellMY23:43
Paul NewtonMY00:35
Ed WaltersMY00:38
Thomas MatthewsMY01:27
Graham SmithMY01:52
Paul MartinMY02:09
Robert OsborneMY02:48
Phil LeeMY05:09
Chris KeeganMY06:53
Emma BlountFY08:47
Lindsey ApplebyFY10:48
Niki WarrenFY14:02

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About DTC

Derby Triathlon Club (DTC) was formed in 1985, our aim is to provide a fun and friendly environment for you to pursue your multisport ambition. Our focus is on developing your three disciplines, regardless of age, level of fitness or current ability.

DTC now has a membership of around 200, comprised of both senior and junior triathletes.

We provide coaching in all four of triathlons disciplines (including transition).  We hold both regular sessions (i.e. weekly) and other sessions on a more ad-hoc basis.  We use several venues in and around the city of Derby for our training sessions.

Please click here to see a full breakdown of all club related sessions