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Track Session

Coached Track Sessions

Goal of Session
These sessions are primarily aimed at  all levels of triathlete competing in sprint and olympic distance races but would help anyone who wants to develop some more speed in their legs.

The aim of these sessions is to help athletes improve their speed and appropriately pace a 10km run.

Pacing for these sessions will be based on the zones from Jack Daniel's Running Formula (nothing to do with whisky), more details on calculating them can be found here

These coaching sessions will be delivered by Simon Rolfs and Chris Keegan who are both club level 2 triathlon coaches

Coached Session Numbers
It is the intention that both Simon and Chris will attend all of the sessions which means the coached group can be a maximum of 40 people (20 people each). Should either not be able to attend then the coached session numbers will have to be adjusted accordingly. These coaching numbers are a H&S / insurance requirement.

Moorways Track
Moor Lane
DE24 9HY

Click here to view location map

Follows the signs to the Stadium, there is a car park right next to the track.  We will meet in the main stand.

Every Wednesday

  • 18:45 - Registration & payment
  • 19:00 - Session starts promptly


Session Plan

 01-Apr-15  30 min test/5k test
 08-Apr-15  3-4x1600 @ T
 15-Apr-15  6-9x800 @ T
 22-Apr-15  3-4x2000 @ T
 29-Apr-15  9-12x600m @ T
 06-May-15  4-6x1200 @ T
 13-May-15  6-8x800 @ I
 20-May-15  5-7x1000 @ T
 27-May-15  8-10x600 @ I
 03-Jun-15  5-6x1600 @ T
 10-Jun-15  12-16x400 @ I
 17-Jun-15  4-5x2000 @ T
 24-Jun-15  6-8x800 @ I
 01-Jul-15  4-7x1200 @ T
 08-Jul-15  8-10x600 @ I
 15-Jul-15  5-6x1600 @ T
  • Warm up & drills / dynamic stretching
  • Main set - interval sessions 
  • Cool down & static stretching

Cost is the same if you are attending the coached session or just using the track.

  • £3 per member

Non members
These session are put on for Derby Tri Club members and they have priority at these sessions.

If there is space available non Club members can attend at a cost of £3 + £2 non member fee please contact us first via email:

Equipment/Kit required

  • Running shoes
  • Clothing – appropriate for weather conditions
  • Drink
  • Post session nutrition
  • Running watch if you have one

If you have any questions about these session then you can contact both Andy and Hilary by emailing:

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