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Target Races

Club Target Races

The Club has a list of Target Races for the season. The purpose behind having Target Races is:

  • Attending well organised, popular open events that all members can compete in over various formats throughout the season.
  • By getting a group of Club members to specific races allows us to support each other as we race, make the event more fun and provide opportunities for social events and weekends away.
  • If new to triathlon then picking a Target Race as your first race will hopefully mean an experienced Club member is on hand to help you through what can be a daunting experience.
  • A proportion of the Target Races overlap with races that constitute part of the National League where we need to get at least three athletes to race in order to register a team score (highlighted races).

These are our main target races which we aim to get as many members to as possible. There will be a social aspect to each race and camping where possible

Race Date
Southwell Sprint Triathlon 23rd April 2017
The Slateman Triathlon 20th & 21st May 2017
Windermere Triathlon 2nd July 2017
Bosworth Middle 16th July 2017
Triathlon Relays 26th & 27th August 2017
Derby Sprint 10th September 2017

NOTE: The Calendar signup link is for members only to add their name to the list of members that will be attending that race. To actually enter the race you must visit the official event website - the exception to this is the National Club Relays for which the Club will complete the entries (please use links below to signup to target races).

Other Events

Other Club focus events we encourage members to consider:

Date Race
18th March 2017 Clumber Park Duathlon
18th June 2017 IM Luxembourg 70.3
June/July 2017 Derby Junior Triathlon*
25th-28th July 2017 Triathlon Alpe D'Huez
30th July 2017 Blithfield Triathlon (Sprint & Standard)
September 2017 InterClub Aquathlon

*this is a target race for Juniors, along with the rest of the East Midlands Junior Series

Club members are encouraged to let other members know which events they will be doing whether or not they are listed above.

Target Races - Signup Links

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