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Summer Series Update!

  • Date: 01/06/2018
  • Category: General

Hello Triathletes!


Well last Thursday’s B Course was a bit of a scorcher and I don’t mean the weather.  People getting lost seems to be a regular occurrence on the B course these days but I never expected a mass of Hayden-style length counting whereby no. of lengths swum = x -2 where x = number of lengths required to complete 400m, i.e. 16. NOT 14.  The irony is Hayden actually did swim the correct number of lengths this week judging by his exit time from the pool and went on to win the race fair and square.

I blame Jake the Fish for being so super speedy that his competitors must have thought they’d got their laps wrong!

A big welcome this week to our novice Chris Hodges with an absolutely splendid first effort guided by minders Chris Keegan and some other random guy who keeps making excuses as to why he’s not yet renewed his membership.  Rumour has it he was Toby Mansfield but I don’t remember what he looks like it’s been that long.

Keggers brought his own personal fan club by way of Sym and Linds, got the biggest cheer of the evening as he sauntered across the finish line Ade-style (except for his unique form of sign language).

Our women put on an epic race, with Sarah Superstar Bransby winning very comfortably.  This lady just seems to get faster each season.

A huge mahoosive thanks to our awesome marshals, Stuart Hufton and Dexter for run turnaround and dog duty (most important job is looking after my dogs), Dave the Pro Marshall Nunn, Emma the hug fairy Thompson on backup timer, Doug Belfield, Mark Richardson and probably a few more wonderful individuals whose names I’ve probably forgotten.  It’s not personal just an Elisa thing.

Race results are here:


And series standings here:


Hayden and Dunya lead the men’s and women’s leagues respectively.

Tomorrow sees a return to the open water course at Etwall.  So far I only have 2 marshals lined up and could really do with at least one more, especially given the expected turnout.

Please please please?  Pretty please with sugar on top?


Happy racing!


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Derby Triathlon Club (DTC) was formed in 1985, our aim is to provide a fun and friendly environment for you to pursue your multisport ambition. Our focus is on developing your three disciplines, regardless of age, level of fitness or current ability.

DTC now has a membership of around 200, comprised of both senior and junior triathletes.

We provide coaching in all four of triathlons disciplines (including transition).  We hold both regular sessions (i.e. weekly) and other sessions on a more ad-hoc basis.  We use several venues in and around the city of Derby for our training sessions.

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