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Triathlon Training Camp - DTC invade Majorca

By Liz Burgess

Nine of us from DTC have just returned from a fabulous Easter week in Majorca, on a week’s training camp with a company called Tri4U. And we seem to have brought the sunshine back with us. Without doubt, we are all fitter and more motivated for the season ahead.

I had never been on a training camp before, although I had thought they looked fun but didn’t really want to travel abroad to train alone. When the offer of going in a group from DTC arose, it seemed like the perfect chance to escape the winter weather and get some early season training in whilst having fun in the fresh air and getting a tan at the same time! And having never been to Majorca, I was very excited to have chance to explore parts of the island by bike on our spring holiday…………..maybe with a picnic, some ice cream and a daily afternoon nap thrown in (for the perfect recovery of course!).

OK, so I was clearly deluded, it was a “training” camp after all. We were a group of around 30 in total with a wide range of ages and abilities. Lots of the group had been to the same camp previously and had willingly returned (or that’s what they said) so that was surely a good sign. The timetable was varied each day but tended to include a swim (usually in the sea at sunrise), a bike ride (often with a cafe stop) and a run session (track or road). There were various options for each session and we were split into smaller groups of similar ability. All sessions were optional but it was hard to resist missing anything as each session was very different and all were excellent.

I have never done so much cumulative exercise in one week in my life before but it was actually quite addictive. I think the beautiful scenery, fresh air, glorious warm weather, great camaraderie and thousands of other out there doing the same thing all helped to make it something special. I have never seen a group of people eat so much food! There was plenty of ice cream too so I was very happy. We were told that recovery was as important as the training itself, so we topped up on recovery shakes, had cold dips in the pool (almost an ice bath) and even did some stretching! And then ate more food.

The week at training camp was hugely bonding as a group. It was lovely to watch people grow in confidence and belief about what they could achieve, everyone realised they could do more than they ever thought really possible. And it was great to train with others that shared a passion for triathlon. My personal highlights included the morning sea swims, which came as a huge surprise, as I have not really done any proper sea swimming before. We went a variety of beaches to experience different conditions. On one particularly choppy swim, I have never laughed so much being thrown around by the waves. It was just a matter of battling through them as there was no place for any technique! Another high point (literally) for me was doing bike hill repeats with amazing quality roads and scenery that you would never find in the UK.

We had such a great time with fond memories. The whole group agreed that we couldn’t wait to go again. We were told by the organisers, Barry and Phil, that we would need at least 2 weeks recovery after returning home to get the full benefit of the training. So, with that in mind, I have my feet up and am perfecting the art of recovery whilst planning next year’s training camp in the sun!


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