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Open Water Update - 2nd July 2015

Firstly, users can be assured that in terms of water quality the last laboratory test was undertaken on 26th June and it remains good (easily water bathing quality). 

Water Quality Report -25th June 2015

Due to the hot weather and shallow water depth the lake at Barton Marina, when following the marked route, has become very weedy in places, which some will find quite disconcerting.

There is also a 'bite' problem, some suffer from more than others, but it is worse than in previous years, and is assumed to be no more than 'swimmers itch'. This results in uncomfortable itchiness but does not have an actual health issue. The NHS website says:

"Swimmer’s itch" (cercarial dermatitis) is an itchy rash caused by certain parasites that live in freshwater snails. The snails live on the reeds around marshy lakes and stagnant ponds. On warm, sunny days the parasites can be released into the water and burrow into the skin of swimmers. What to do: Although uncomfortable, the itching generally lasts no more than a couple of days. You can’t spread the rash to other people, and it doesn’t need treatment. To reduce your risk of swimmer’s itch, avoid swimming or wading in marshy areas where snails are commonly found and rinse off as soon as you leave the water."

The fuller wiki entry is more enlightening and linked here:

There is no short-term solution to eliminate either the weed or bites issue.

We will review the swim route on Saturday morning (4th July 2015) ahead of the summer series and general swim with a view to restricting the route or moving the buoys. If this is not possible the swim will be cancelled and the race run as a duathlon, and OW halted.

In terms of the 'bites' the sensible solution I am told that works is to cover exposed skin (especially the neck and face) with anti-bite cream and then cover with vaseline or similar. On getting out of the water vigorously towel dry immediately (to scrape off the biters), do not delay or drip dry. Taking an antihistamine may help. For some reason women appear to get it worse than men (research paper there for someone).

The wiki entry suggests very good protection by using jellyfish protection cream 'sea safe' which makes sense, but which I have never seen in the shops. We will buy some online for all to use if we agree to continue OW after Saturday.

Be assured the Club is monitoring the situation very closely and any change to the situation will be communicated as quickly as possible.

Chris Nicoll
DTC Chairman

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