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Membership Renewals

Membership Renewals

The online system doesn't work in exactly the way we would like it and it requires some manual intervention when processing renewals, especially when multiple memberships are purchased in one order. If you could read the following instruction then it will make life much easier for the membership team in processing you DTC Membership.

1. Please ensure you are logged into one of the accounts that you wish to renew and purchase the relevant membership.

2. When requested for the email addresses, for each of the different memberships, please enter the correct email address asscoiated with each member you are trying to renew.  If you receive the message "The attendee with email address <> is already signed up for this event" then please contact and proceed no further - some changes need to be made in the background.

3. If you are renewing multiple memberships please ensure that at the Checkout the Order Comments include the names and membership type of all the individuals for whom you are renewing.  Ideally please also include the DTC website username of the users that you are renewing - it just makes it easier for us to manually find the user account on the system.

4. Once you have purchased your membership the system automatically generates for the primary account an order confirmation and notification that you are a DTC Pre Member. If renewing multiple accounts you will not receive automatic notification.  Given that you will already have a complete profile then as soon as the membership team pick up the order they will renew all of the relevant acocunts.

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