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If you want to know more about the club, please contact the secretary using the e-mail above.

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Card Transaction Fees
The Club is committed to making payments via the website as easy as possible for all members.

As such, payments on the Club’s website can be made using a wide selection of debit or credit cards. The Club is charged a card handling fee for each transaction, the amount depending on the type of card used. The Club has a policy of adding a card handling fee in relation to your transaction at the average cost to the Club.

These card handling fees are:

  • Debit cards – £0.65
  • Credit cards – 2.5% of the transaction value plus £0.15
Transaction Failure
Sometimes a transaction will fail to complete when paying with debit / credit card.  There are two main reasons for this:
  • Communications error with SagePay (our Payment Processor); or
  • Security check failure

If there is a communications error then please check your card details and billing address and try again.

The security check verifies three things when processing a card payment:

  • CVV – card security code (usually 3 digits on the back of the card)
  • Number in address (this need to be input Address1 field of billing address even if you have a house name)
  • Post Code

Transaction Confirmation
You should receive an email with your transaction confirmation. If you do not then please check the email address you entered in your billing details.

All of you transactions will be visible in your account – log in go to <My Account> and select the <Orders> tab.

If the transaction status is “In Checkout” then the transaction has not been completed and payment is still due.  If you see “Completed” then the transaction has been paid for. If status is “Processing” or “Payment Received” then it normally means the payment has been received but for some reason order status has not automatically set to “Completed” – this will be manually set to “Completed” or you will be contacted if there is a problem.

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About DTC

Derby Triathlon Club (DTC) was formed in 1985, our aim is to provide a fun and friendly environment for you to pursue your multisport ambition. Our focus is on developing your three disciplines, regardless of age, level of fitness or current ability.

DTC now has a membership of around 200, comprised of both senior and junior triathletes.

We provide coaching in all four of triathlons disciplines (including transition).  We hold both regular sessions (i.e. weekly) and other sessions on a more ad-hoc basis.  We use several venues in and around the city of Derby for our training sessions.

Please click here to see a full breakdown of all club related sessions