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Club Handicap

DTC Club Handicap

The Club Handicap is open to Club Members Only - please signup for this event.

The start of the handicap is staggered according to individuals' past performances, so that all competitors finish the race at about the same time. If all goes well, there is an exciting sprint down the final straight. The race rewards not the fastest athlete but the athlete who performs best relative to their previous performance.

If you have yet to have a go at the Summer Series or have never had a go at a triathlon then this is the event for you.

The DTC Club Handicap will take place over the ‘B Course’- route details can be found by clicking here

  • 400m Swim
  • 15km Bike
  • 4.6km Run

Please sign up as early as possible to give the organiser time to work out the handicaps. The handicap will be based as far as possible on your performance over any of the summer series events this year. If you've not done any events this year but have times for years gone by these will be used.

Due to the work required calculating handicaps and creating the running order any late entries are at the discretion of the organiser and will be set off with the fastest athlete(s).

Please remember this is a training event and you must obey the highway code at all times.

If you don’t want to take part or are unable to then we do need some help timekeeping and marshalling this event.

DTC Club Handicap - 21st August 2016

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