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Triathlon England

Triathlon England

Triathlon England is one of three Home Nation bodies for Triathlon in Britain. If you reside in England or are eligible to represent England you should join Triathlon England.

Members will be affiliated to a region and can vote for their Regional Committee. There are nine regions in England which correspond to the English Regional Government areas. Each region has a representative who sits on the Council of Triathlon England.

Benefits for the Club

  • The club can count on support from Triathlon England staff and their Regional Programme Manager. This is especially useful when a club wants to develop to Clubmark or Starmark status, make a club development plan, set up a junior section etc.
  • Club members will pay a reduced fee for individual membership with Triathlon England
  • Publication on the British Triathlon and Triathlon England website and in the annual Handbook
  • Clubs get Public Liability Insurance to the value of £10 million per incident, which will allow you to hire certain facilities and to organise your own events
  • Visit the Triathlon England website

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