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Swim Equipment

Swimming Equipment
To improve your swimming and fully participate in the Club coached swim sessions it is recommended that you purchase your own set of training aids.  This includes:

  • Fins
  • Pull Buoy
  • Finis Freestyler Paddles
  • Finis Tempo Trainer Pro

If you have any questions about swim equipment please ask one of the coaches.

The Club will have a set of equipment that will be used during the sessions by the coaches and give athletes the opportunity to: try out the equipment; understand its benefits; and in the case of fins select the correct size before making a purchase. 

** To BUY any of the equipment see the note at the bottom of this page or click on any of the pictures or more information links **


The benefits of using swim fins are:

  • Increase ankle flexibility
  • Improve body position and technique
  • Improve leg strength
  • Increase fitness and cardiovascular conditioning

Even if you are a highly proficient swimmer there are many drills that we will do in our sessions which benefit from the use of fins.

A good set of fins are the Finis Floating Fin which is a long flexible fin which does not put as much stress on the ankle and leg as the shorter zoomer style fins.

The Club has a pair of each size of the Finis Floating Fins that can be used in Club sessions so that you can ensure you select the correct size.

For more information about the fins CLICK HERE - don't forget to watch the video!

Top Tip: Whatever fins you buy make sure they fit properly.

Kiefer Long Rubber Fin: These fins look to be very similar to the Finis Floating Fins although we have not tested these yet.


Pull Buoy
A pull buoy is put between the legs to lift the legs and isloate the movement of the upper body.


There are many variations of pull buoy but all do the same job.

For more information about Pull Buoys CLICK HERE

Top Tip: Generally the larger the pull buoy the more buoyancy it provides

Huub Big Buoy: If you suffer from really sinky legs then you could consider the Huub Big Buoy which provides around double the buoyancy of a normal pull buoy - we have one you can try in the Club kit bag.



There are many different types of paddles: some designed for strength by providing resistance and others designed to work on technique - the range seems to be endless.

Finis Freestyle Paddle

The paddles we recoomend are the Finis Freestyler Paddle which are a technique paddle that works on your hand placement and alignment in the water.  To read more on this paddle CLICK HERE

The Club has 6 sets of these paddles that can be used with in Club sessions.

Top Tip: When buying paddles, especially strength ones there are many different sizes.  Make sure you purchase the appropriate size otherwise you may cause yourself an injury - bigger isn't always better.


Finis Tempo Trainer Pro

The Finis Tempo Trainer works in two mode:

Stroke Rate mode - you time your stroke so your hand enters the water on every beep this is used to identify your most efficiency stroke rate and allow you to train using that rate

Lap Interval mode - the beeper is set to the speed you need to complete one length of the pool.  You time your effort so you are pushing off the wall on each beep.  This is a great way to perfect your pacing.

For more information on the Finis Tempo Trainer Pro CLICK HERE


Buying Swim Equipment

Should you make any purchase of equipment through the Swim Smooth website then the Club will receive a commission.  This commission will be used by the Club to fund the purchase of future Club swim equipment and training of more coaches.

Please use the links on the club website should you wish to purchase anything on the swim smooth website – it is only by using these links can the purchase be tracked and commission paid.

The Swim Smooth website s not the only place to purchase equipment but in terms of price it is usually competitive especially if you qualify for the bulk purchase discounts.


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