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Thursday Night

After training on a Thursday night you will find many members (some of which who didn't even go swimming) in the Hawk and Buckle Pub in Etwall sampling their range of energy drinks. Everyone is welcome!

Curry / Pub Nights

Throughout the year curry / pub nights will be arranged to which all members are welcome. Some people may not be able to swim like a fish but have mastered the art of drinking like one! These will be mostly held at the Hawk and Buckle in Etwall on Thursdays after the swimming session. In the summer they will be held at The Waterfront at Barton Marina after open water swimming.

Club Bash

The highlight of the social calendar is the Club Bash which takes place annually in October/November. The evening usually includes a sit down meal, with awards ceremony and disco afterwards.  There is usually some theme to the evenings atire (depending on who is organising the event) - it is nice to get dressed up after a year of wearing trisuits and cycling shorts. It is a great opportunity for the Club to get together, relax and also celebrate the successes of Club Members over the last 12 months.

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